Wall decorating ideas for living rooms

The ‘Sol’ wood mandala is that perfect accent piece to complete your home décor. Inspired by Indian décor elements and Moroccan sacred geometry it will transform your room into a unique and well designed living space. Our boho wall décor is perfect above your bed, over the couch as part of your living room décor or even in your dining room. We can’t wait to see pictures of our wood wall art in your home!
Are you looking for a piece of art décor that will freshen up your home style and add some good vibes to your living space?
A wood mandala is that little extra touch that transforms your interior style from functional to unique and bohemian.
This impressive wall hanging is made of laser-cut 1/4″ poplar wood, hand-painted with acrylic and oil paints, and protected with a layer of transparent varnish.

A perfect housewarming gift for boho style lovers…

✼Sol✼ Mandala dimensions: 21.6X21.6″ (55X55 cm)
Thickness: 1/4 inch (6mm)

✼ Designed by Tohar Lauffer-Zeevi

✼ Easy to hang — all you need is a hammer and nail

✼ You will receive a tracking number when we have prepared your order

✼ Strong, attractive packaging!
Our artwork is expertly packaged with palette grade cardboard and nano gel.
The packages are beautiful and can be sent directly as gifts.

✼ Surprise gifts in every order 🙂

✼ Ideal as a gift for housewarming, weddings, or other special occasions

✼ Contact me if you need any assistance and custom orders

• 1 Natural Wood
• 2 Turquoise Delight – Turquoise & Gold
• 3 Dusk – Turquoise, Purple & Gold
• 4 Sunset – Yellow, Orange, Burgundy & Dark Purple
• 5 Purple Mist – Shades of Purple & Copper
• 6 Rustic – Black & Copper
• 7 Gold
• 8 Silver
• 9 Copper
• 10 Black
• 11 White

• Poplar wood
• Acrylic and oil paints

Please note: this wall decor is created using natural wood. Therefore, the wood grains and color can slightly vary from one piece to another, making each piece one of a kind.

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