Unique cabinet doors

Turnbuckle bodies and turnbuckle assemblies with hook to hook, hook to eye, eye to eye, clevis to clevis, clevis to hook, and clevis to eye turnbuckle components. These plain turnbuckels are available in standard smooth texture and can be ordered raw with no finish. We also sell hammered black turn buckles and turnbuckles in various other finishes such as rusty metal, oil rubbed bronze, pewter and wrought iron patina. These turnbuckles are decorative and structural and are sold in 1/4″ diameter, 5/16″ diameter, 3/8″ diameter, 1/2″ diameter, 5/8″ diameter, and 3/4″ diameter. Our turnbuckles are suitable for furniture, tables, chairs, overhead beams and structural applications. For a unique, head-turning rustic look pair your turnbuckles with our hammered or twisted rod, or hammered eyebolts.