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Tree house houses

Rumah Pohon was definitely one of the highlights of our six month trip. After we took the wrong turn and got lost on Penida’s roads, the friendly local people helped us giving directions. Pake Tut was already waiting for us to help us get to the treehouse. At night he made us wonderful dinner.

The first night a thunderstorm haunted our sleep, but the treehouse stayed strong and we survived, laughing about it the morning after. On our second night we got rewarded with another nice dinner, a sunset to dream away with and a clear starry sky.

DON’T expect the treehouse to be utter luxury. It’s not. It’s a treehouse, for crying out loud. There is enough space for two people and their backpacks, but that’s it. Tall people might have to crough in a little bit. The blankets and matrass are simple but sufficient. You will find a fan and electricity in the room, Pake Tut will provide you with a torch. You will need the light in the middle of the night when you need to go to the bathroom (which is a squat toilet with a bucket of water). The breakfast is basic and probably not enough for big eaters. We had a second breakfast in the village nearby (preferably at The Gallery!). We didn’t ask for the WIFI, so we can’t say if that worked or not, but again: you’re in a treehouse on top of a hill, what do you expect?

DO enjoy this place. It’s awesome.

Wooden Treehouse C | Stilt Studios

Following the previous success of prefabricated wooden house in Buduk, Wooden Treehouse C  is the next wooden building prototype created by Stilt Studios. This treehouse building is a part of a housing community called Bukit Sari, a quiet area with a high living standard. It is located in Penestanaan, a village outside the town of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Penestanaan is a well-known artist village ever since 1930s. This exact location is surrounded by cozy restaurants and bars, yet at the same time is embedded into lush rice fields. 

Wooden Treehouse C by Stilt Studios

The architects sought to combine innovative prefab structure with a minimized footprint, maintaining a harmonious coexistence with nature. Just like the previous wooden projects, the structural principle of wooden treehouse C lies in the core element consisting of 4 vertical columns supported by stairs. The structure also supports the building’s ceiling and floor planes with sturdy steel cables running through the core elements. The structure allows the planes to create a streamlined facade with thin window frames and panels that are able to carry their own weight.

Wooden Treehouse by Stlit Studios

Unlike the previous treehouse project in Buduk, Treehouse C in Ubud is divided into several spaces such as a kitchen which is accompanied by a spacious living room, spacious bedroom and sitting area, instead of making it one open space with a surrounding terrace. This whole unit can accommodate 2 to 4 people in an area of 64 m2. The shape of the tree house owned by the building is supported by large windows on all sides of the building making the potential view of Mount Agung can be optimally enjoyed by users.

Wooden Treehouse by Stlit Studios

Wooden Treehouse C by Stlit Studios

Wood Treehouse C’s outdoor garden is designed by True Nature Nusantara which uses permaculture design principles to create edible landscapes. The garden is full of flowers, tropical ornamental plants, edible fruits and spices, with a small pond in one corner. Bodhi Denton, the director, said the garden has a goal to create a dreamy and wild labyrinth consisting of low-maintenance and colorful perennial plants and trees. This then provides users with hidden away places to sit and enjoy the view of the adjacent rice fields.

Wooden Treehouse C by Stlit Studios

Wooden Treehouse C by Stlit Studios

Wooden Treehouse C by Stlit Studios

Wooden Treehouse by Stlit Studios

Wooden Treehouse C by Stlit Studios


Molenteng Tree House is a wooden house built by the owner on a tree and is on the edge of a high cliff. This tree house is equipped with lodging facilities so that it is commercialized as an inn. So tourists can spend the night in this tree house. This tree house was deliberately built on a tree to get the sensation of spending the night on the edge of a cliff, enjoying the sea breeze, and enjoying the sunrise in the Raja Lima area. Absolutely gorgeous sun rise on the five kings views from the bovine tree house. Only 3 tree houses have been built.


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Checking In

Rumah Pohon Nusa Penida receptionRumah Pohon Nusa Penida receptionRumah Pohon Nusa Penida reception

The Rumah Pohon was only manned by one person during our stay. He was the caretaker, the receptionist, the housekeeper, and the cook. Not sure if he was also the owner.


Check-in was pretty straightforward. We were served with welcome drinks that felt so refreshing after a half day of baking under the hot sun. Then, the host handed us our key, showed us around, and told us what time dinner and breakfast would be served.


The Tree House

There were a few tree houses, some higher than the others. Ours was probably the second highest, located next to the bathrooms, but not too close.

There was a small wooden gate at the landing of the stairs to keep the dogs out and a balcony with a bench to lounge on. Inside was a double bed with pillows, a bolster, a blanket, and a pair of clean towels.

The tree house shook with every little movement we made.

Rumah Pohon Nusa PenidaRumah Pohon Nusa PenidaRumah Pohon Nusa Penida

There was a small table and shelf for putting your stuff on, a mirror, a single light bulb to illuminate the entire room, and a fun-sized table fan.

If you’ve got multiple devices to charge, you’re in luck because there’s more than one power socket on the wall, so you can charge your devices without having to turn off the fan or light bulb.

Table fan on a table with orange backgroundTable fan on a table with orange backgroundTable fan on a table with orange background

Not gonna lie — the room was a little too warm for comfort, especially in the middle of the day, during the hot season, and with such a teeny weeny fan. But you can keep the door and window open to add extra ventilation.

Do note that the room doesn’t come with any mosquito netting. We didn’t have any problem with mosquitoes throughout our stay, but if you tend to attract them like a magnet, you might want to bring some insect repellent with you.