Themed christmas decorations

Its beginning look alike like Christmas!

I have been explored Jakarta in unique way. Jakarta has alot of malls, I have been visiting those malls specially for this post, so people around the world can see the joy I experienced.

BIG NOTE: you have to see the end of this post, I put special 360 video that I made myself for you.

For Jakartans, these are my best ideas to spend your holidays in Jakarta!


Central Market PIK2
I put this on number one, Cause in this place is my favorite. And It is quite far from my house. Well Worthed ride!
Central Market PIK 2Central Market PIK 2

Central Park
Big Giant Christmas Tree, and also they have fountain show in front of it. Along with stars and hall of lights.

Central ParkCentral Park

Astha District 8
It is sponsored christmas tree, with logo. I also found Deer shape lights in Garden.

Astha District 8Astha District 8


Lippo mall Puri
There are many spots for photo, This is also my favorite decorations of all. Easy to explore, cause inside mall.
Lippo Mall PuriLippo Mall Puri

Grand Indonesia
Giant Teddy Bear act as christmas tree, surrounded by little and cute cafe and Teddy Bear. Cute!

Grand IndonesiaGrand Indonesia


PIK Avenue
Pokemon Theme in this mall, There is a christmas tree surrounded by pokemon characters. The main atrium also has temporary ice rink, and playground.

PIK AvenuePIK Avenue

 Mall of Indonesia
Not much in this mall, just a big christmas tree in main atrium.

Mall of IndonesiaMall of Indonesia


Kota Kasablanka
Simple Christmas Tree in Main lobby. Not much to look but OK.

Kota KasablankaKota Kasablanka


this bonus, also taken during End Year Season 2022, I guess the mall not bring much Christmas, but still worthed to visit and enjoy with your family.

Lotte Avenue
in this mall, is not about christmas, its about Korea and Japan vibes. You can feel walking in Korea streets, and taking selfies and photos. Also they have special place for watching World Soccer. Nice!
Lotte AvenueLotte Avenue

Senayan City

The christmas tree is not the main attraction. In atrium, you can see
Forest and Lake inside mall, oh very cool! Its Avatar Movie launch.

Senayan CitySenayan City

Pick the best and go with your family!

So you arrived at the END
I have not edited all my footage, but I have already made 360 video for you Local Guides, I presented 4 malls in christmas Decoration in 360. Enjoy!



Hey Thank you my bestie @Liahakso accompany me, exploring this Malls. It was wonderful and exhausting time hahahaha…


With my bestie Lia HaksoWith my bestie Lia Hakso


I know there are many places in your city that also have christmas decoration. You can put the photo in comments, or share it in article.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2023 Local Guides!

Mistake #1 Too much tinsel

Tinsel has a habit of overwhelming whatever object it’s draped around. Either use tinsel very sparingly, or not at all.

Mistake #2 Not picking a colour theme

A tree decorated with every ornament you own might be sentimental, but if you’re going for sophisticated this year we suggest choosing a colour – such as white and gold or silver and blue – and sticking to it.

Mistake #3 Using the wrong lights

Always choose a set of lights that complement your tree. We suggest a white light for white trees, and a warm light for green trees.

Mistake #4 Using too much plastic

While there’s nothing wrong with cheap Christmas baubles, try to go for decorations made from glass, fabric or timber. If you must choose plastic decorations, opt for those with an expensive-looking finish.

Mistake #5 Not using enough baubles

Is there anything more beautiful than a well-dressed tree? Ensure your tree steps out in style by layering baubles on both the outer branches and inner branches – this way the decorations look layered and intentional.  

Mistake #6 Choosing the wrong size tree

Not exactly a decorating mistake, but choosing the right size tree for your space is very important. If you have a big living room, then pull out all the stops and put up a big, fluffy tree. However, a smaller space will likely require a smaller tree.

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