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  • Urban interior design ideas

    Urban interior design ideas

    Tracing London’s urban living room Abstract Responding to the rapid development of indoor public interiors motored by commercial activities, this paper argues that an alternative form that is more inclusive is needed to foster healthier and more socially equitable interactions in the city. It frames urban living room, a micro-scale outdoor interior development that aims […]

  • Best buy ipad stand

    Best buy ipad stand

    Apple has flatly refused to tell anyone just what chips lie inside the iPhone 3G S. In fact, while Apple insists that the “s” in 3G S stands for speed, it could equally well stand for secrecy. But T-Mobile in the Netherlands apparently didn’t get the memo, and has gone ahead and posted the hardware […]

  • Decorative wall hooks for coats

    Decorative wall hooks for coats

    Looking for a playful yet modern way to keep your coats and accessories neat, organized and accessible when you need them most Now you can do just that while at the same time adding a fun accent to your existing wall decor.Introducing Buddy Wall Hooks from UmbraThis set of 3 wall hooks features Umbra s […]