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  • Bamboo wall panels

    Bamboo wall panels

    Abstrak Abstract– Indonesia often experiences natural disasters, therefore a transitional residential building is needed for victims who are able to build quickly and easily in mobilization. Bamboo is a local material that exists in Indonesia and has a high sustainability to be used as building materials. The appropriate principle between the characteristics of bamboo and […]

  • Wooden slat wall

    Wooden slat wall

    – ukuran 2440 x 1220 mm – tersedia warna putih dan hitam – 11 aluminium rail , tebal aluminium 0.6 mm– finishing MDF NOTE PENTING PROSEDUR PENGIRIMAN BARANG:– Barang berdasarkan volume 40 kg. Harga belum termasuk ongkir via ekspedisi luar.– Berat ditoped diset 1 kg untuk pengiriman dokumen saja untuk mendapatkan resi pengiriman.– Untuk menghemat […]

  • Recycled wall panels

    Recycled wall panels

    Welcome to Roma Export Roma Export originally started as a stone mosaic and terrazzo manufacturer in 1999. Over the years, however, it has entered many other markets as both a supplier and manufacturer. At first mainly stone related markets such as Stone Mosaic Wall Cladding, Terrazzo Sinks and Statues and Buddha Moldings were targeted. With […]