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  • Kitchens 2013

    Kitchens 2013

    I think of myself as an organized person.  However, I know that I have a problem with clutter.  If you have not gotten to the back of your kitchen pantry in a long time, here is a step by step guide that I used last weekend. Clear off and clean your countertops. Take everything out […]

  • Best buy ipad stand

    Best buy ipad stand

    Apple has flatly refused to tell anyone just what chips lie inside the iPhone 3G S. In fact, while Apple insists that the “s” in 3G S stands for speed, it could equally well stand for secrecy. But T-Mobile in the Netherlands apparently didn’t get the memo, and has gone ahead and posted the hardware […]

  • Industrial house design

    Industrial house design

    — All Style — Villa Bali Tropical Style Modern Tropical Style Mediterranean Tropical Style Classic Tropical Style Other Style Modern Industrial Style — All Floors — 1 Floor 1,5 – 2 Floors 2,5 – 3 Floors 3,5 – 4 Floors >4 Floors ↓ Sort by Newest ↓ Popularity ↓ Highest Building Area ↓ Lowest Building […]

  • Modular shelf system

    Modular shelf system

    Modul-iT ISO Modular Cabinet Storage System Deskripsi Modul-iT ISO Modular Cabinet Storage System – merupakan sistem penyimpanan obat dan alkes secara manual yang efektif, efisien, fleksibel dan ergonomis. Modul-iT ISO Modular Cabinet Storage System sangat cocok untuk penyimpanan obat dan alkes di instalasi farmasi. Terdiri dari kabinet dan keranjang yang ergonomis disertai dengan penyekat untuk setiap […]