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  • Modular contemporary homes

    Modular contemporary homes

    Siegel & Strain Architects was recognized as the winner of “Best Commercial” project in Marvin Architects Challenge 2017. The jury praised Siegel and the design team for the careful thought that went into designing the Education Center so that it fit seamlessly not only into its environment, but complemented the historic buildings already there. The […]

  • Doors that slide into walls

    Doors that slide into walls

    3.00 out of 5 Rp 279.000 Automatic doors with a rotating system equipped with a canopy, there are two types of lattices, namely 3 lattices and 4 lattices. CLASSIC (CL) Excellent workmanship meet classic, timeless design. The aluminum edge profiles provide an impression of lightness, the canopy compartment, including rain-water retention system. The centre column […]

  • Children s play center

    Children s play center

    Sepertiga populasi Indonesia terdiri dari anak-anak, dengan total sekitar 80 juta anak. Anak adalah aset bangsa paling berharga sebagai penentu masa depan Indonesia. Anak-anak merupakan masa emas pertumbuhan dan perkembangan manusia. Anak-anak tumbuh dan berkembang setiap harinya melalui bermain. Pada umumnya, anak-anak di Rokan Hulu bermain di dalam rumah, halaman rumah, di gang-gang perumahan, ataupun […]

  • Most popular living room furniture

    Most popular living room furniture

    Experience the benefits of an adjustable foundation at an affordable price. The Motion Essentials IV Adjustable Foundation is our most popular adjustable foundation available at great value. This adjustable base allows you to adjust the head and foot of the mattress to an unlimited number of comfortable positions. You’ll love the added massage feature along with the […]