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  • Circular pool table

    Circular pool table

    One interesting problem of nonlinear dynamics which is not completely solved is how the movement of chaotic trajectories in a mixed phase space look like. When chaotic trajectories approach the regular region (located at the mushrooms stem) they spent a very long time close to them before visiting again the rest of the chaotic region […]

  • Best interior design blogs 2012

    Best interior design blogs 2012

    Orange or white? Difficult choice huh? Well, in The Korean Car Blog has decided to test both Veloster’s (US and Spain versions) entry level versions and show our impressions to help the possible future buyers, also the colours. We hope you like. Pulse aquí para ver la versión en Español de esta Review. Debut on January […]

  • Furniture expensive

    Furniture expensive

    25 / Jun / 2022 REAL VS FAUX : ABOUT MARBLE FURNITUREBlogs We all know that furniture is a manufacture of various kinds of solid metals such as wood, plastic, metal and so on. When talking about a kitchen table or dining table, if one of them is made of stone then it is the […]