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IIP – Library and Information Science Study Program held a field works for Information Center Room Design course at Ullen Sentalu Museum Yogyakarta on Saturday (11/06/2022). This activity was attended by all course participants and accompanied by Mrs. Ragil Tri Atmi, S.IIP., MA, and Mrs. Dr. Fitri Mutia, A.KS., M.Sc., as the supporting lecturer for the course.

The Ullen Sentalu Museum was chosen as place for field works because this museum has a very good and attractive design and space. So it’s a good place for students to observe and learn directly from the design of this museum.

Mr. Daniel Haryono BA, M. Hum., as the director of the Ullen Sentalu Museum expressed his pleasure for the visit of IIP students to the Ullen Sentalu Museum. “We are very happy, the Ullen Sentalu museum has been chosen as a place for field work for IIP students” he said.

In this field works, students are guided by a tour guide, they explore the rooms of Ullen Sentalu Museum. The tour guide explains the story, history, and philosophy of each collection in the Ullen Sentalu Museum. The collections in this Museum tell history about social, cultural, and political life since the era of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom until the era when Pajang Kingdom split into the Yogyakarta Sultanate and Surakarta Sunanate.

Fakhruddin Asrori, one of the field works students said that the field works at the Ullen Sentalu Museum give him a different learning experience. “This field works at the Ullen Sentalu Museum has increase my knowledge of history and culture that existed from the ancient Mataram Kingdom to the division of the Pajang Kingdom into Yogyakarta and Solo. Indeed, I was taught in high school, but here I studied it more deeply. Because the collections displayed are well laid out, given clear descriptions and explained by the tour guide in an informative and communicative manner, so that I as a recipient of information can easily imagine what was going on at that time.” he said.

When students explore the collection room at the Ullen Sentalu Museum, visitors, including students, are only allowed to capture the moment in certain rooms. students perceive this rule as a positive thing, which is able to maintain the exclusivity of the Ullen Sentalu Museum. “Field wroks at the Ullen Sentalu Museum give a unique experience, we are not allowed to take pictures and record in the collection rooms. This for me gives the exclusivity value of this museum. So there is a sense of pride to be able to visit this museum.” Said Iqbal Sujana, one of the students participating in this fields works.

Meanwhile, Dewi Naulia Fajrin, who is also a student participating in field works was amazed and appreciated the design of the rooms in the Museum. “I like the design of the Ullen Sentalu Museum, which combines a modern minimalist concept with a natural concept. In addition, the arrangement of the collection and the lighting of the room is also good. I learned a lot from the design of this awesome museum.” she said.

In the last zone, all participating students got pastries and coffee or tea for free, and also they were free to take photos and videos. By this field works, students are expected to be able to improve their academic and non-academic abilities by direct observation and improve their quality through reflection of the culture they have learned in this museum. (IQI)