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By Clarissa Allison | April 22nd, 2016

Lighting an awkward or unusual space can prove to be a challenge but also lots of fun when one learns to expand their initial thoughts about what is possible when decorating. Below, read on for a list of tips on how to light your narrow living room or industrial loft with ease! Click the pictures to be brought directly to the product pages in question.

Make It Modern

The last thing you need in a narrow space is bulk. Whether that comes from too-big sofas, cumbersome media cabinets or a giant floor lamp, it’s better to slim down the horizontal profile of the items in your living space to expand the room as much as possible. We recommend a trim floor lamp with directional heads to help cast task and ambient lighting in several directions for balance, while remaining sleek, stylish and aesthetically pleasing to have in the home. Try the Lite Source Bullet Floor Lamp LSF-9406PS, a sleek fluorescent fixture with a steel finish.



A Wall of Light

Standard decorative mirrors are an easy way to add more reflective light to your space without bulk as well, while making your room appear bigger. At Louie Lighting, we have a host of mirrors that are both standard and include lights. Can’t afford a large mirror? Group together a few smaller mirrors for a similar effect. Also, by choosing mirrors with frames in a similar color family, you will organize your look without clutter. The below Silver transitional mirror by Currey & Company is constructed of a wood frame in a pleasing and unusual shape, and its neutral tone goes well with virtually any decor.

If you also have low ceilings, floor length mirrors are a wonderful way to make any space feel taller. Their shape takes the eyes up and around, making any space appear lighter and brighter!

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

In a narrow living room or hallway, it can be beneficial to draw attention away from the width of the room to the progress of the length of the room instead. Adding repeating wall lights is an easy way to do this. You can also accomplish this in no time by adding recessed ceiling lights. Recessed ceiling lighting is one of the most contemporary and beautiful ways to light your home, while adding the illusion of height and space. The Baia Semi Recessed Spot Light by Leucos ITRE is a mesmerizing fixture with a polished crystal or satin white finish. Created by designer Marzollo Mauro, this glittering star structure with wavy edges is a must-have for those seeking a unique design project.


Make A Statement

Another way to draw attention to favorable aspects of your home is to install a statement piece. This can be anything from a brightly colored table to your personal curated art gallery, but the point is to create an area in view of your living room that is irresistible to the eye. You can also accomplish this trick by installing a fantastically ornate ceiling light. The word chandelier is used broadly these days and includes some truly unusual and unexpected shapes and materials, like Bubble Lamps or cascading globes. If you have an otherwise minimal and toned-down decor, add one of these funky lights to make your interior design skills the only topic of conversation! The Aeria Chandelier by Access Lighting is a dazzling chrome beauty with a pentagonal canopy and glass shades. This halogen fixture is popular with those who prefer non-traditional, but functional, lighting.