Organizing ideas for small spaces

Let’s me sharing space organization ideas because we all have areas in our home that can be more organized.

1. Use Magazine Holders :-

I am using magazine holders to organize mika’s books. I purchased the holders on Ikea and the price is RM 4/2pcs.

2. Use Baskets to Organize Various Items :-

Almost every home decor style can incorporate baskets. There are so many different designs and styles and they are such a beautiful storage option!

3. Creative Additional Small Space :-

Get creative with small-space organizing ideas, and look to places that ordinarily don’t get used. For example coffee corner.

4. Organizing A Small Pantry :-

Turn a small pantry into an organize by using matching containers to decant and store food. Glass canisters let you monitor the level of staples including flour and sugar, while open baskets make it easy to grab ingredients like potatoes and onions.