Modular bed

The axial temperature distribution and effective multiplication factor (Keff) for PBMR 10 MWe which used uranium dioxside (UO2) as fuel, graphite as moderator, and helium (He) gas as cooler with heterogenous reactor design which used geometry of reactor core finite cylinder has been investigated.

The axial temperature distribution of reactor core analysized by splitting core reactor become 57 layers axially and every layer has height 14,9 cm. Keff of reactor  calculated by MCNP 5 with fuel enrichment variation from 7 to 10% and variation range 0,5%.

The result shows that reactor in critical condition with fuel enrichment 8,6% and average temperature of reactor core is 893,635 K.


Keywords: PBMR, MCNP, Temperature distribution, Keff

Addressing the home owner’s ultimate dilemma, this fancy new modular bed design by Swedish designer Marcia Hanvey Isaksson lets you instantly split your double bed into two singles without having to spend your back for it. The design is basically composed of two single beds attached at the head with a rail in the headboard. When a guest arrives or when you need to have two beds to accommodate more people, just slide the beds apart and you’re ready to go. Since the headboard also features storage space, this modular bed becomes just the perfect bit of furniture for the kids’ room or even for the guests.