Kitchen layouts


Paon/Kitchen Layout Variant – Loka Dresta, the Sacred Function and Oriented Existante to the nearest mountaian/high place – Telung Tongos Paon


Paon/the kitchen layout on tradisional dwelling place of several custom villages are at variance, there are uniformly situated at Southwest side for Bali Apanaga/plain Balinese  region (the village of Batuan) and at North side and united with Bale Meten for Tengkudak custom village, Penebel subdistrict of Tabanan Regency and there are more diverse positions at North, East and West side for Bali Aga/mountaian Balinese area (Bayung Gede custom villlage). The various Paon layouts are interesting to be studied because the diversity is related to : (i) loka dresta or the local customary villager’s belief system, (ii) the Paon sacred function itself  where it’s located and (iii) an oriented existance of the height place or the mountain that’s closed to the custom village (Agung, Batukaru or Batur mount).

The research used phenomenology paradigm of Edmund Hussrell to catagorize the variants of Paon/Kitchen layouts on traditional dwelling place at several custom villages in Bali. Three custom villages were purposively chosen for certain reasons. The various kitchen layouts of three custom villages are some informations that’s are phenomenologically reduced to produce several emphirical themes. Those are eidetically reduced to result the categorization of Paon/the kitchen layouts variant      on traditional dwelling place at saveral custom villages  in Bali.

The results showed that the existance terminology of Telung Tongos Paon which means there are  three categorization of Paon layout variants based on the villagers’s  loka  dresta (the local customary villager’s belief system), the sacred functions of Paon itself  and the oriented existance  of mountain/the nearest high place. The variant categorization layouts are as follows : (i) Paon is uniformly located at the  Southwest side for the plain Balinese region (Southern and Eastern Bali). It’s a single building and sapareted one with the others, (ii) Paon is uniformly situated at North side and united with Bale Meten for the Tengkudak custom village and (iii)Paon is resided in a variety term (North, West and East side of traditional dwelling place) at the mountaian Balinese area of Bayung Gede village.