Kitchen color idea

JAKARTA – The kitchen decoration is slowly being abandoned and now the dark color is being targeted. Dark colors such as black are becoming more and more popular in the kitchen because they are able to give a deep impression compared to all white rooms.

Without sufficient contrast, white kitchens can feel dull and even lifeless. But darker tones are able to help bring vitality and energy to the design. In addition, designers also believe that a dark kitchen set will be easier to clean than a bright tone.

Here, the dark color doesn’t have to be black. There are some dark colors that can be a reference for you. The following is the idea of decoration of the dark kitchen cabinet that VOI reported from the Taste of Home, Monday, March 6.

Tosca blue color is one of the dark colors most preferred in the paint palette. Filling your kitchen set with blue tosca can give you a western feel, French, or a calming beach atmosphere. To make the appearance even cooler, the kitchen cabinet blue tosca is suitable combined with backsplash or a special tile mounted on the wall in the copper stove area.

Zamrud green is also in great demand but not as well known as blue tosca. Tone timrud is used in the kitchen with the latest model. Thezarrud colored cabinet is fit to be combined with copper or gold kitchen decorations.

Gray tones have become a new neutral color in recent years. But specifically for the kitchen, the ash color is still close to silver. Currently, stormy gray and ash gray are the perfect combination. Ronanya emits the calm that neutral tones have, but still looks brave. You can also add colorful diry decorations as a complement.

Brown color is one of the colors that is often applied to kitchen designs. This color is chosen because it is easy to combine with various other colors. In addition, brown also gives an elegant and luxurious impression on your kitchen, so it will be more comfortable when cooking.

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