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Musicalization of the Interior Design of Brooklyn Eavesdrop Bar

Every side of a bar in Brooklyn has been designed to maximize the music experience. Danny Taylor, co-owner of the Brooklyn Eavesdrop Bar shared his experience in designing audio rooms for hotels and recording studios, so the owner wanted to have a space with the maximum music experience. Architect Paige Davidson designed the interior of the Brooklyn Eavesdrop with elements created to amplify the sound at all points of space. Brooklyn Botanic Garden Suddenly Filled with Dozens of Artistic Birdcages.

Brooklyn Eavesdrop Bar - a sound room inspired by Japanese music barsBrooklyn Eavesdrop Bar – a sound room inspired by Japanese music bars

“As much as possible, I wanted a space with a physical form of sound, not a visual medium but something that people could associate with,” Danny Taylor said.

Inspired by Japanese music bars in the 1950s, the Brooklyn Eavesdrop was designed to “drown” guests into music. This room is dominated by plywood beams that are visible on the ceiling and wall panels, so it is able to bring the feeling as if visitors are being brought into a large speaker. In line with the experience presented, the LED lights applied to the Brooklyn Eavesdrop Bar are intended to depict an elegant bar area with dramatic curves.

Dramatic curves on the Brooklyn Eavesdrop BarDramatic curves on the Brooklyn Eavesdrop Bar

On the other hand, there is a green sofa with a brick background painted white and a neutral-colored terrazzo to compensate for the plywood blocks. The main point of the Brooklyn Eavesdrop Bar is a custom-made ‘sound wall and speakers’ area with a mirror placed in the center of the corkboard wall. Under the mirror is a table with a phonograph as a tool to play songs from the vinyl record on it. This accent further adds to the aesthetics of the musicality of the space.

The 36-seat bar serves cocktails and natural winesThe 36-seat bar serves cocktails and natural wines

Interior view of Brooklyn Eavesdrop BarInterior view of Brooklyn Eavesdrop Bar

The Brooklyn Eavesdrop Bar located in Brooklyn, New York, was built to visually connect people with the sound waves that move around them. With an area of 92 square meters, the Brooklyn Eavesdrop Bar is only able to accommodate 36 people to create a relaxed and quiet music listening experience.

The main point in the roomThe main point in the room