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Interior Design (Bandung) is a multidiscipline major which specializes in interior consultants and construction creative businesses that intend to increase diversity due to change market factors and professional practices. Furthermore, we enhance our students to respond to the boundaries in a way to extend the purposeful innovative, and creative industries of Interior Design.

Interior Design (Bandung) BINUS University is supported by lecturers with industry experience. Our students will experience real-world project flow as they advanced through their courses in this major, such as planning, research, and designing processes. Our students will learn how to apply technology, culture, business, and environmental aspects in their designs.

In Interior Design (Bandung) department, students will be encouraged to implement several aspects as the way to solve problems regarding to the construction and aesthetical elements in Interior design. Students are prepared to excel in preparing interior concept design, planning, presenting a professional visualization for their interior projects for residential, retail, office, hotel, and other public spaces. Techno-design curriculum in our program allows students to comprehend the usage of technology in the learning process. Students will gain basic and advance Computer-Aided knowledge to accommodate challenges to compete as a professional interior designer in the future.

Interior design (Bandung)’s graduates of BINUS University will become future interior designer professionally. They are well equipped to work in global firm or becoming a creative entrepreneur. They will be able to compete with other professionals in the industry.



A world class Interior Design Department, delivering international standard designers with strengths in local values, IT, and green design.


  1. Educating students in the fundamental skills of designing, with a focus on the latest technology, eco design and local content by providing excellent study facilities and internships that prepare students for global service industries or for continuing to an advance degree in interior design or related disciplines.
  2. Preparing students who have a strong sense of ethics and local values, an entrepreneurial spirit, and are ready to take on strategic positions in service industries and contribute to society.
  3. Recognizing and rewarding the most creative and value-adding talents.
  4. Improving the quality of life of Indonesians and the International community.
  5. Designing creative products and conducting professional services in interior design fields with an emphasis on the application of knowledge to society.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the program are:

  1. (POBJ-1) To provide students with innovative and creative design abilities, especially in eco design and local content, by using the latest technology and approaches.
  2. (POBJ-2) To provide students with design abilities and knowledge, ranging from fundamental principles to applied skills and abilities.
  3. (POBJ-3) To prepare students with necessary skills and knowledge of interior design that enables them to become an entrepreneur or a professional in a global environment.

Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are:

  1. (SO-1) Able to design interior concept based on human behavior, technical aspect, and values that related to interior design.
  2. (SO-2) Able to design an interior concept independently both in manual and digital to fulfill user community needs for residential to public space project based on design theory, user need study, and interior design problems.
  3. (SO-3) Able to design thematic interior element (furniture, wall, ceiling, and floor) based on technical characteristic and material aesthetic.
  4. (SO-4) Able to produce interior design planning as a proposed problem solving and fulfill community needs that accountable and qualified in function, aesthetic, construction, and meaningful.
  5. (SO-5) Able to communicate ideas in visual language that communicative and informative.
  6. (SO-6) Able to design an interior and its elements that prioritizes local indigenous, green design and sustainability.
  7. (SO-7) Able to produce interior design work that has good selling value as a professional or entrepreneur (designpreneur).
  8. (SO-8) Able to build independent business in interior design.
  9. (SO-9) Able to construct interior object models, furniture, and non-furniture in the form of digital presentations and 3D models.
  10. (SO-10) Able to develop scientific-based solutions to interior design aspects of building systems.

Bachelor’s degree: S1 Interior Design – S.Ds.

Prospective Career of the Graduates

After finishing the program, the graduate of Interior Design (Bandung) Study Program could follow a career as:

Commercial and Hospitality Design

  • Interior design consultant
  • Interior design contractor
  • Real estate/property contractor
  • Project Management
  • Project Marketing
  • Procurement
  • Purchasing
  • Merchandising Setting designer
  • Commercial retailer
  • Exhibition organizer

  • Visual merchandise/window display designer
  • Stylist for interior magazine
  • Book writer
  • Lighting designer


Furniture and Interior Design Accessories

  • Interior Design Consultant
  • Interior Design Contractor
  • Furniture Designer
  • Manufacturer of Interior Accessories
  • Furniture & Home Accessories Shop/ Gallery Owner
  • Retailer
  • Stylist for Magazine/ Production House
  • Interior Decorator/ Home Decorator Home Accessories Designer
  • Book Writer
  • Trader
  • Supplier (furniture/ accessories interior)
  • Workshop Owner
  • Product Development
  • Retail Manager
  • Buyer Merchandizing


Techno Interior Design

  • Interior Designer
  • Interior Design Firm
  • Interior Build Contractor
  • AR/VR Designer
  • Interior Decorator Consultant
  • Interior Design 3D Artist
  • Interior Design Drafter
  • Interior Supplier
  • Interior Apps Creator


Smart Living & Environmental Design

  • Interior Design Consultant
  • Interior Design Contractor
  • Interior Procurement
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Interior Book Writer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Home Accessories Designer
  • Workshop Management
  • Product Development
  • Retail Management
  • Project Management


Interior design Department – School of Design has 2+1+1 curriculum. On their 4th to 5th semester, students have wider option to take more experience on doing their mobility classes on other campus (for now it is only available in BINUS Jakarta and BINUS Malang as host campus). On their 6th to 7th semester, there are five enrichment programs that can be chosen by students based on their passion and knowledge. These programs are internship in industry, research in interior and furniture, community development, start-up business and study abroad program. With these experiences, students will gain more knowledge regarding their contribution to industry and community. The curriculum also accommodates the main objective of the program opening i.e., creating a qualified interior designer. Graduates will have entrepreneur spirit, well-equipped professional skills, excellent personality as well as the competency in ICT skills. Currently, the Interior Design program provides two concentrations that the students can choose from according to their goals and interests:

Commercial & Hospitality Design:

This stream provides students with an ability to design commercial & hospitality space, such as: design of apartments and houses, shops, restaurants, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.

Furniture and Interior Design Accessories:

This stream provides students with an ability to design furniture and accessories for both residential and commercial such as hotels, offices, restaurants, by observing the terms of ergonomics, functionality & aesthetic.

Smart Living & Environmental Design:

This stream provides students with an ability to apply the latest technology appropriately into spatial design. The skills include Experimental & Lighting Design, Environmental Graphic Design, Technology & Lifestyle in Design, Interior Product Prototyping, Exhibition Design, Environmental & Sustainability Design, Interior Behavior & Experience, dan Interior in Digital Interactive.

Techno Interior Design:

This stream provides students with an ability to apply techniques optimally in interior design projects by mastering the technical aspects of project presentation in accordance with technological trends.

Interior Design as a discipline contains the substance of various expertise which starts from the reality of its implementation in the realm of professional practice. These elements of professional practices demand that a professional interior designer have competence in terms of technique, thinking, design, execution, managerial, control, and supervision, as well as business management. Each of these elements has a specific requirement of expertise and together, all of them make the wholeness of interior design practice.

Streaming aims to give emphasis on several elements of expertise within the interior design profession. The objective of streaming should correlate to the needs in the professional world, as well as be adaptive-accommodative which means it can accommodate and be adaptive to many possible dynamics in professional practice. The scope must not be too narrow which can limit students’ knowledge and depth of understanding which contradict the design principle where creative thinking is needed to see a problem from many points of view to create innovation to tackle a design problem.

Based on previous considerations, the Interior Design (Bandung) Binus University proposes to replace Hospitality and Furniture Streaming, which have a narrow scope and emphasize mainly technical aspects, with Techno Design Streaming. Techno-design is an emerging field that gains much interest in the interior design world and will be vital in the future (sustainable). This field is also adaptive and accommodating in its application. On one side, techno-design can be applied to the learning process of space design, furniture design, and the design of other space element objects, then in relation to the technical stages (using software, hardware, or tools and equipment). On the other hand, streaming techno design can be used as the basis for real and actual premises that underlie the theories and methodologies that will be used in the process of designing spaces and interior objects.

Techno Design Streaming has two main focuses technological innovation design and smart sustainable design. Technological innovation design focuses on technological aspects of the response process to problems of design in the scope of human, space, and object relations behavior activities. This focus tries to solve operational functional problems of supporting activity facilities through a technology-based approach. Meanwhile, the focus of smart sustainable design is the escalation of the application of technological aspects that are narrowed in the effectiveness of activities in relation to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability issues. From the point of view of the profession and industry, mastery in these two focuses is a crucial bargaining power of competence for an interior designer in modern times.

Course Structure

The curriculum of the Interior Design (Bandung) has been developed in line with the National Curriculum. Also, the local content has been developed in line with the Interior Design Curriculum Standard according to the SKKNI from HDII (Association of Interior Designer), several local and foreign universities, and market trends, so that the graduates of Interior Design (Bandung) Program are expected to be able to face competition nationally and internationally. Generally, the subjects of the curriculum 2022 are divided into these following groups of subjects:

SemCodeCourse NameSCUTotal1CHAR6034033Character Building: Pancasila220DSGN6597033Ergonomic and Anthropometry2DSGN6752033Sense of Design4DSGN6753033Interior Drawing4ARTS6027033Art Principles2ARCH6118033Interior Technical Drawing4English University Courses IENGL6204033English in Focus2ENGL6205033English for Business Presentation22CHAR6035033Character Building: Kewarganegaraan220CIVL6128033Material Knowledge in Interior Design2DSGN6761033Interior Design I: Residential4DSGN6762033Furniture Design I: Residential4CIVL6117033Drafting and Detail Construction4ENTR6522032Entrepreneurship: Ideation2English University Courses IIENGL6216033English Savvy2ENGL6217033English for Written Business Communication23CHAR6036033Character Building: Agama222DSGN6698033Interior Design II: Retail4DSGN6699033Furniture Design II: Retail *4DSGN6696033Computer 2D Drawing4CIVL6129033Interior Design and Sustainable Living2LANG6097033Indonesian2ARTS6036033Design History Studies2CIVL6107033Building Component Theory and Regulation24DSGN6763033Business in Interior Design *218DSGN6906033Rendering and Presentation Techniques2DSGN6772033Interior Design and Culture2Streaming: Techno Interior Design**DSGN6907033Interior Design Technology and Studio Office6DSGN69080333D and 4D Presentation in Interior Design4DSGN6909033Contemporary Issues in Techno Design2Streaming: Commercial And Hospitality Design***DSGN6199008Interior Design III: Office6DSGN6200008Computer 3D Drawing for Interior4DSGN6887008Lighting Design for Interior2Streaming: Furniture And Interior Design Accessories***DSGN6217008Furniture Design III: Office6DSGN6218008Computer 3D Drawing for Furniture4DSGN6888008Interior Accessories Design2Streaming: Smart Living & Environmental Design ****DSGN6901023Experimental Lighting Design2DSGN6806023Environmental Graphic Design (EGD)4DSGN6808023Interior Design III4DSGN6809023Interior Product Prototyping2Minor Program**&***12Free Electives***125DSGN6910033Interior Design and Technology2DSGN6773033Portfolio Development4ENTR6524032Entrepreneurship : Market Validation2DSGN6911033Interior Design Methodology4Streaming: Techno Interior Design**DSGN6912033Interior Design Technology and Studio Hotel6DSGN6913033Interior Complementary Design2Streaming: Commercial And Hospitality Design***DSGN6204008Interior Design IV: Commercial and Hospitality Project6DSGN6612008Design Trend2Streaming: Furniture And Interior Design Accessories***DSGN6220008Furniture Design IV: Commercial and Hospitality Project6DSGN6614008Signage and Way finding Design for Interior2Streaming: Smart Living & Environmental Design ****DSGN6812023Exhibition Design4DSGN6814023Interior Behavior & Experience2DSGN6903023Interior in Digital Interactive2Minor Program **,***,****8Free Electives ***86Enrichment Program I20207Enrichment Program II20208DSGN6632033Thesis66                                                                                     Total Credits 146 Credits

Students can only choose between streaming, minor programs, or free elective, See minor program and free elective appendix for the detail.

*) Entrepreneurship Embedded

**) Will be conducted in BINUS@Bandung

***) Will be conducted in BINUS@Jakarta

****) Will be conducted in BINUS@Malang


Streaming/Minor/Free Electives:

Students can only choose between streaming, minor programs, or free elective, See minor program and free elective appendix for the detail.

English University Courses:

  1. For 1st Semester: English University Courses I, students with BINUS University English Proficiency Test score less than 500 will take English in Focus, and student with test score greater than or equal to 500 will take English for Business Presentation.
  2. For 2nd Semester: English University Courses II, students with BINUS University English Proficiency Test score less than 500 will take English Savvy, and students with test score greater than or equal to 500 will take English for Written Business Communication.

Enrichment Program I (6th Semester) & Enrichment Program II (7th Semester):

Student will take one of enrichment program tracks (off campus). Interior Design (Bandung) Study Program encourage the student to choose certified internship as an obligation choice in one of semester during enrichment track program. See enrichment appendix for the tracks detail.

TrackSemester 6Semester 7INRSENCDSAISetcINRSENCDSAetc1vv2vv3vv4vv5vv6vv7vv8vv9vv10vv


IN    : Certified Internship

RS   : Certified Research

EN  : Certified Entrepreneurship

IS    : Certified Specific Independent Study

CD  : Certified Community Development

SA   : Certified Study Abroad

etc   : Study Program Special Purposes



Certified Internship Track

CodeCourse NameSCUTotalEnrichment Program I20DSGN6633033Industrial Experience8DSGN6933033Design Ideation in Industry8DSGN6636033Self Management in Industry4Enrichment Program II20DSGN6637033Professional Experience8 DSGN6934033Design Applied in Industry8DSGN6640033Team Work Activity in Industry4


Certified Entrepreneurship Track

CodeCourse NameSCUTotalEnrichment Program I/II20ENTR6983033Interior Design Business Initiation8 ENTR6984033Interior Design Development Process8ENTR6492033EES in New Interior Design Business4


Certified Research Track

CodeCourse NameSCUTotalEnrichment Program I/II20RSCH6431033Research Experience8 RSCH6597033Scientific Writing in Design8RSCH6433033Global EES4


Certified Community Development Track

CodeCourse NameSCUTotalEnrichment Program I/II20CMDV6249033Community Outreach Project Implementation8 CMDV6373033Community Outreach Project Design8CMDV6251033Employability and Entrepreneurial Skills in Design Community4


Certified Study Abroad Track

CodeCourse NameSCUTotalElective courses list for study abroad*20Enrichment Program I/IIGLOB6208033Elective Course for Study Abroad 14 GLOB6209033Elective Course for Study Abroad 24GLOB6210033Elective Course for Study Abroad 34GLOB6211033Elective Course for Study Abroad 44GLOB6268033Elective Course for Study Abroad 254GLOB6212033Elective Course for Study Abroad 52GLOB6213033Elective Course for Study Abroad 62GLOB6214033Elective Course for Study Abroad 72GLOB6215033Elective Course for Study Abroad 82GLOB6216033Elective Course for Study Abroad 92GLOB6217033Elective Course for Study Abroad 102GLOB6218033Elective Course for Study Abroad 112GLOB6219033Elective Course for Study Abroad 122GLOB6269033Elective Course for Study Abroad 262GLOB6289033Elective Course for Study Abroad 292

*) Transferred courses will be transferred based on credit transfer policies on study program with total of 20 credits.

Certified Specific Independent Study Track

CodeCourse NameSCUTotalElective courses list for study abroad*20Enrichment Program IMICR6073033Course Certification I3 MICR6074033Technical Skill Enrichment I4MICR6075033Industrial Project I9MICR6076033Soft Skill Enrichment I4MICR6077033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 18MICR6078033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 28MICR6079033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 36MICR6080033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 46MICR6081033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 56MICR6082033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 65MICR6083033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 75MICR6084033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 85MICR6085033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 95MICR6086033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 104MICR6087033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 114MICR6088033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 124MICR6089033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 134MICR6090033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 144MICR6091033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 153MICR6092033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 163MICR6093033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 173MICR6094033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 183MICR6095033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 193MICR6096033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 203MICR6097033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 212MICR6098033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 222MICR6099033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 232MICR6100033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 242MICR6101033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 252MICR6102033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 262MICR6103033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 272MICR6104033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 282MICR6105033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 291MICR6106033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 301MICR6107033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 311MICR6108033Elective Course for Specific Independent Study 321

*) For students who take BINUS certified specific independent study courses, they should take the first 4 courses on the list above (20 credits). Meanwhile, electives courses 1 to 32 are transferred courses for students who take certified specific independent study outside BINUS University. Transferred courses will be transferred based on credit transfer policies on study program with total of 20 credits.


CodeCourse NameSCUTotalElective courses list for study abroad*20Enrichment Program IDSGN6632033Thesis (SK000-Non Kelas)6 DSGN6632033Thesis (SK001-Hospitality)6DSGN6632033Thesis (SK002-Art Facilities)6DSGN6632033Thesis (SK003-Commercial)6DSGN6632033Thesis (SK004-Design Furniture)6DSGN6632033Thesis (SK005-Education Facilities)6DSGN6632033Thesis (SK006-Work Facilities)6DSGN6632033Thesis (SK007-Transportation Facilities)6DSGN6632033Thesis (SK008-Museum)6DSGN6632033Thesis (SK009-Hospitality and Commercial)6


Thesis (SK010-Institutional Facilities)6

Student should pass all of these quality-controlled courses as listed below

NoCodeCourse NameSCUMinimum

Passing Grade

Semester1CHAR6034033Character Building: Pancasila2B12ENTR6524032Entrepreneurship: Market


2C53DSGN6752033Sense of Design4C14ARCH6118033Interior Technical Drawing4C15DSGN6194033Interior Design I: Residential4C26DSGN6196033Interior Design II: Retail4C37DSGN6885033Interior Design Methodology4C5STREAMING: TECHNO INTERIOR DESIGN8DSGN6907033Interior Design Technology and  Studio Office4C4STREAMING: COMMERCIAL AND HOSPITALITY DESIGN8DSGN6199008Interior Design III: Office4C4STREAMING: FURNITURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN ACCESSORIES8DSGN6217008Furniture Design III: Office4C4STREAMING: SMART LIVING & ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN8DSGN6808023Interior Design III4C4