Interior color matching

JAKARTA – If you like to experiment when decorating your home, especially with things that are bold and unique, then an eclectic interior style can be an option. The key to an eclectic style is to combine different styles, combinations of textures, and contrasting colors to produce a beautiful room with the right mix. However, if you’re still feeling a little afraid to combine bold pieces of furniture, then some of the tips from HighEnd, Monday, August 15, below will help you!

Choose a core color palette

Choosing a primary color set for your eclectic décor is a great first step. This step will help you create a unified look and blend eclectic design elements together for balance.

It would be better if you choose one neutral color and one accent color for starters. As a base color, neutral colors will give an overall calming impression so the room won’t look too overwhelming. With the right neutral color, the accent color of your choice will also look more harmonious and harmonious.

Experiment with Textures

Apart from playing with patterns, the same goes for textures. Have fun experimenting with textures and bringing in different textures to create a unique and harmonious eclectic home decor.

A smart way to do this without overdoing it is to use different textures throughout the room in small doses. Place the smooth texture next to the rough and the soft with the hard, such as placing a plush sofa and pillows next to an industrial-style coffee table.

Mix styles from multiple genres

An eclectic space can feature several elements from different stylistic genres. Experiment with different combinations of collectibles or featured items to see what works. For example, your Victorian French coffee table might fit perfectly in an art deco living room. Your minimalist gallery wall might be the perfect focal point for a Memphis design-themed dining room.

Gallery Wall

There is no more perfect interior design style to include a gallery wall than the eclectic style. You can play with the gallery wall by experimenting with color, dimension, and style to create the perfect bohemian eclectic living room.

A gallery wall will also look great on a simple wall because here you can show a lot of your personality and interests. This will also provide a distinctive focal point. Choose a different frame style to complement the artwork you put in it.

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