Feng shui house design

Di Tian Tai (Feng Shui House), Coromandel

Principal Architect – Darryl Sang Project Leader – Glynis Smith High Performance House

Set in a beautiful remote 4.3 hectare site with views to Whangarei Heads with magnificent trees, this client-lead project is built for a Feng Shui Master and her partner. This site has been chosen being perfectly satisfying the Feng Shui principles for building a house that will bring a sense of place, good health and prosperity to the occupants. Strict Feng Shui principles and prescriptions are followed to the nearest centimetre for setting out of the exterior walls, interior partitions, door & window openings, and room layouts. This include a rotation of the main entrance layout to adapt to the new period of an energy shift in 2024! The owners wanted an ‘oriental’ feel using a fusion of Chinese, Zen, south-east Asian and Balinese ideas throughout the home that ‘excites and delights’.

The approach to the site is the magnificent view towards the Whangarei Heads. It is a sight to behold. The minor dwelling sit higher on the site. It is oriented to respond to the path of the sun, prevailing winds and existing shade of the trees in order to achieve cross ventilation and passive solar gain. The major dwelling is a two story house with an internal courtyard and is access via the curved driveway lower down. It is nestled by the hillside behind and protected by the prevailing weather.

There are 2 houses on the sloping site with a stream running along the bottom of the hill. The outlook is amazing. The houses are sited favourably on a site that is facing south and embraced by the hillside behind. A small dwelling will be built first to accommodate the clients whilst they watch their own larger dwelling to be built. This will become accommodation for international visitors.

The perfect Feng Shui House on the perfect Feng Shui site will harnesses the challenges and opportunities of its remote site whilst emphasizing on sustainable strategies. The project will demonstrate that Feng Shui principles can be combined into a high performance building with durable materials that can withstand the climate.

Di Tian Tai is available to be watched on the television programme, Grand Designs New Zealand 2021 (Available in New Zealand) https://www.threenow.co.nz/shows/grand-designs-nz/feng-shui-home/S1347-654/M40661-657

Interview with the owners and tour https://www.threenow.co.nz/tv/grand-designs-nz/home/season-6/a-chat-with-the-home-owners/feng-shui-palace.html https://www.threenow.co.nz/tv/grand-designs-nz/home/season-6/360-virtual-tours/feng-shui-palace.html

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High Performance Windows

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