Decoration ideas for girls bedrooms

A simple, full-length mirror works best for the most aesthetically pleasing look. 👌

Instead of nailing a mirror to the wall, leave it leaning on the wall! This not only gives your room an effortlessly Insta-worthy look, it also reflects light and makes your room brighter and appear more spacious.

A common theme in Korean interior design is the use of light wood furniture or accents like ceiling structures. Light wood combined with white walls will give your room a fresh and spacious look! It’s also the perfect canvas for you to add personalised decorations.

At night, you can create the same soft lighting for a cosy atmosphere with multiple small light sources in the corners of your room. Go for lamps that diffuse light to avoid a harsh look.

Another lovely thing about Korean interiors is the natural light filtering from white translucent curtains!

The first step to achieving the minimalist Korean-style interior design is to paint your walls a plain white or light cream colour. This will give your bedroom a clean and spacious look while allowing your furniture and decor to stand out.

Keep reading to find out the 10 steps to transform your bedroom into a cosy Korean-style haven!

If you’re thinking of recreating the Korean-style look in your own bedroom, you’ll be glad to know that it’s pretty simple to achieve.

Besides the beautiful cast and picturesque shooting locations you see in K-dramas, the characters’ bedrooms are also a lovely sight! 😍

Korean-style bedroom interior design spacious room floor chair and bed on the floorPhoto from Pinterest

Korean-style bedroom interior design simple and stylishPhoto from Pinterest

One key feature of a Korean-style bedroom is low furniture! Since olden days in Korea as well as other parts of Asia, people are used to a home lifestyle close to the floor like sitting and sleeping on the floor, and working and eating at low tables. Get a low bed frame and low bedside tables for a cosy look!

For times when you want to lounge around in your room but don’t want to get your bed dirty, some cosy floor chairs will come in handy!

#7 Only practical furniture

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Korean-style bedroom interior design grey and white minimalistPhoto from Pinterest

Korean interior design is minimalistic and function is more important than form. Pick furniture that is practical to use and without fancy designs or embellishments.

#8 Place your bed near the window

Korean-style bedroom interior design minimalistPhoto from Pinterest

One thing that you’ll notice in Korean bedrooms is that the bed is usually placed near or right under the window.

#9 Bookshelves

Korean-style bedroom interior design girly and cutePhoto from Pinterest

Korean-style bedroom interior design grey and white simplePhoto from Pinterest

Bookshelves with decorative items are another element of Korean interior design. Choose a simple shelving unit and use it to display books and knick knacks! The shelves look simple and practical on a whole while still letting you express your style with decorative items.

#10 Small decorative items

Korean-style bedroom interior design shabby chic cute decorPhoto from Pinterest

Korean-style bedroom interior design cute room with stuffed plush toysPhoto from Pinterest

It’s subtlety over grandiosity when it comes to Korean interior decorating. Large-scale and ornate decorative items can look too loud and overwhelming.

Instead, build a stylish and visually-cohesive space with a collection of small and simple decorative pieces that look good together. Go for things like small art prints, plants, wall hangings and even plush toys and cute light nights! The key to decorating is to leave most of the walls bare, so fight the urge to overdecorate and display just a few small items on the walls.

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