Cool colors to paint a room

JAKARTA – Without us realizing it, good quality sleep can support daily activities. Conversely, if the quality of sleep is disturbed, it can cause health problems to stress. There are several ways you can do to improve the quality of your sleep. One of them is by redecorating the bedroom to get a more restful and quality sleep. Here is a summary of some tips for decorating the bedroom, cited from Highend, Friday, June 17.

Dark or gray wall paint

Avoid using wall paint with bright bright colors, because bright colors can trigger the senses unconsciously, as a result you can easily wake up at night and make sleep quality less good.

You can choose a dark color or a calming color like blue, pink, yellow, green, or white. These colors can relieve stress, make the body more relaxed, so it can sleep faster and soundly.

Mattress with the best quality

Mattress is the most important investment to improve the quality of sleep. Soft bed along with comfortable pillows will make you sleep more comfortable. Do not forget, choose the right mattress to make you sleep with good posture. Do not hesitate to invest and buy a good quality mattress.

Keep electronics away

Avoid placing televisions, laptops, or other electronic items in the bedroom. Research shows that exposure to blue light from television and other electronic devices is a major cause of insomnia. Looking at a screen like watching TV or working in front of a laptop before bed will stimulate the brain, making it harder for the body to unwind. Keep all electronic equipment out of the bedroom to improve sleep quality.

Use aromatherapy

After tidying the bedroom and changing the color of the walls, you can enjoy your new sleep atmosphere while placing aromatherapy around your bed. Aromatherapy such as lavender and jasmine can make your sleep more sound and quality.

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