Cool bath tubs

Bath Bomb’s main ingredients are citric acid and baking soda, which are safe for human body. It generates carbon dioxide by putting in the water, and improves the blood circulations by expanding the vessels.
This bath bomb is suitable for those who suffering from stiff neck and shoulders, poor body circulation and muscle pains.

Tropical flower bomb
■ Tuberose / Cempaka/Frangipani - Bath Bombs with typical Bali flowers scent. Enjoy the sweet and exotic smell while bathing.
Sweet flower bomb
■ Lotus/Ylang-Ylang - Relaxing sweet flower scents

Oriental smell bomb
■Cananga&Pathouli / Cananga&Lavender / Orange&Patchouli / Orange&Citronella / Eucalyptus&Lavender - Enjoy the oriental scent from Indonesian-made essential oils.

Size : Around 70gr

How to use : 1 to 2 pieces product for standard size bath tub.