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Christmas in Indonesia

Although most people in Indonesia (about 85%) are Muslims, about 10% of the population are Christians – that’s still about 20 million people! Indonesian Christians love to celebrate Christmas!

Indonesian Christians usually go to church services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In most churches and cathedrals, people create nativity scenes and use them as part of the Nativity drama performance.

Christmas trees in Indonesia are normally artificial ones made of plastic. Although less common, some people have real Pine trees to be decorated as Christmas trees. The biggest producer of ‘real’ trees is located in Puncak, West Java. Another special type of Christmas tree are ones made from chicken feathers – made by people in their homes on Bali island. These feather trees have been exported to different countries around the world.

In early December, huge Christmas trees with beautiful and colorful decorations can be found in most shopping malls in big cities all over the country. In 2011 there was also a huge Christmas tree made of edible chocolate, created by professional Indonesian chocolatiers!

Popular Christmas carols in Indonesia include ‘Malam Kudus’ (an Indonesian version of ‘O Holy Night’) and ‘Malam Kudus’ (an Indonesian version of ‘Silent Night’). These songs are usually sung on Christmas Eve in churches by a choir during the candle-light service, when people think about the Christmas story.

Most Indonesian television channels broadcast Christmas themed musical concerts. An annual Christmas celebration event, held by the Indonesian Government, is always broadcast by the state-owned television channel ‘TVRI’. The most popular Hollywood movies broadcasted in Indonesian during Christmas are the Home Alone series!

In Indonesia, Santa Claus is also very popular and is called ‘Sinterklass’ (that’s because Indonesia used to be ruled by The Netherlands). Sinterklass brings presents to children on Christmas Day – and you also might see him in shopping malls, etc.! Exchanging presents is common among Christians in Indonesia.

Cookies are a must-have food during Christmas in Indonesia. Some popular types of cookies include ‘Nastar’ a butter cookie with pineapple jam filling, cheese cookies called ‘Kastengel’ and ‘Putri Salju’ or ‘Snow White’ cookies, a butter cookie covered with powdered sugar and cheese!

In Indonesia, Happy/Merry Christmas is ‘Selamat Natal’. Happy/Merry Christmas in lots more languages.

Woman Decorating Christmas Tree

Prepping your home for Christmas is exciting and fun, but when it comes to decorating the Costway white Christmas tree, the job seems to be quite tricky. After you have found the perfect tree for your home, the only thing that remains is to decorate it properly. 

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Choose Costway for the best benefits of quality products and high standards. Coming back to the topic of interest here, decorating the tree during Christmas can be difficult for most people. That is one of the main reasons people are guilty of making common decorating mistakes. 

From not picking a suitable theme to going over the top for the decorations, these mistakes tend to spoil the festive season for sure. If you are looking forward to enjoying Christmas with your family and need no such issues, make sure to avoid these mistakes. 

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Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Decorating Your Christmas Tree

If you are worried about messing up the Christmas tree decoration, here is some advice. Follow this article thoroughly, as we have mentioned some of the most common mistakes people make while decorating their Christmas trees. Once you see what these mistakes are, try to avoid them at all costs when you start the decorating process. 

1. Not Considering the Tree Topper 

One of the most important things people should think about and don’t is the tree topper. The best Christmas tree toppers tend to come in beautiful forms and shapes. However, it would be best if you chose the topper that is the right size for your tree. 

Most people leave that job until the very last minute. Then, in a hurry, they tend to buy the wrong size and shape of the topper. This will make the tree take disproportionate, and surely you do not want that to happen to your tree. So, make sure you invest in a proper tree topper and keep adding to your collection every year. 

2. Trying Different Themes for Decorating One Tree

 One of the essential things that Christmas decorations tend to do is spread cheer worldwide. But that is if you have a neatly and adequately decorated Christmas tree in the first place. One of the most common mistakes families tend to make is trying to pick different themes for tree trimming. 

Whether you are a minimalistic person or want traditional style decorating, make sure you choose a particular type of theme and stick to it. Even if the space in your home is ample, incorporating every single theme into it will make things incredibly messy, and you don’t want that to happen. So, limit the use of different themes and stick to just a single aesthetic, and you will have the best results. 

Christmas Tree Couple Decorating

3. Not Having a Plan

There is no doubt that Christmas is the best time of the year, filled with wonderfulness and happiness. It is one of the most stressful times of the year as well. It would be best if you made sure everything is perfect and to the mark. This is where people tend to make another common mistake. 

Starting without a plan can often lead to problems when decorating the tree. You must ensure that you are properly organized and ahead of time. If you start decorating your tree without any plan, it will lead to a lot of inconsistency. 

Knowing what you will put in each section of the tree and what color schemes to use is essential. A simple plan will help you stick to your decorating process and hence will give your home a completer and more festive look in the best way. 

4. Going Overboard With Decoration 

Everyone loves to decorate their homes come Christmas, but a very simple mistake that they make is to cover every single inch of the home. Most people tend to go overboard with their decorating. This is a common mistake you must avoid at all costs. 

It is always better to make sure that you are keeping things extremely simple when you are decorating your tree. Putting too many decorations will make the tree completely cluttered and destroy the aesthetic of the tree as well. So, make sure that you choose your favorite ornaments and start your decorating process the best way. 


So, these are some common mistakes you must avoid when trying to decorate your Christmas tree in style. Follow the tips we have provided, and you will have a beautifully decorated tree in the best way. Come to Costway for the best artificial trees, such as the Costway Christmas tree and much more.