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2013 home design trends

Carrying the theme “Explorative Traditional”, TKMDII XIII displayed many works in even more innovative ways than previous years. Millatina Adhya Mokobombang (Interior Design 2013) as the Head Executive of TKMDII XIII explained that today’s design does not need to follow trends oriented to the west. Indonesia with its various local geniuses could be the influence for future design ideas.

Through new activities such as Gubahan Rasa, Karya Baru Bersama, seminar, workshop, excursion, and congress of Indonesian Interior Design students, TKMDII XIII attracted the attention of not only the students of Interior Design but also the public in general. “We expand the event,” said Milla. In Gubahan Rasa, for example, works of interior designer is approachable to wider audiences since the visitors could taste traditional snacks with the touch of interior designer.

To conclude the interview, Milla hoped TKMDII could run smoothly and successfully, as well as give benefit to the participants. Moreover, she also hoped Interior Design could progress and exist more to general public, as well as be the reference to its students to inspire and contribute to every corner of Indonesia.